Parasarpa zayla Doubleday, 1848 – Bicolor Commodore

Parasarpa zayla Doubleday, 1848 – Bicolor Commodore

at Pasingthang, North Sikkim by Sanjyog Rai on 2012-08-03




Common Snow Flat (Tagiades japetus) from Bangalore

This image of Common Snow Flat (Tagiades japetus) was photographed by Shishir Saxena from Bangalore during June 2012.

Grand Duke (Euthalia iva) from Sikkim

This rare image of the Grand Duke (Euthalia iva) was posted by Kuschel Gurung in ButterflyIndia FaceBook group. He clicked this image at Upper Dzongu, North Sikkim at an alt of 5000 ft.

Silverstreak Blue (Iraota timoleon) from Bangalore

It was an evening of a great surprise for us as we saw this beauty of a butterfly on ButterflyIndia Facebook page posted by Shishir Saxena from Bangalore. It may happen that this is a first record of Silverstreak Blue (Iraota timoleon) from Bangalore.

Bronze Duke Female from Yuksam West Sikkim

This fascinating image of Bronze Duke (Euthalia nara) female was clicked by Nawangla Bhutia from Yuksam West Sikkim on 31/07/12

Himalayan Orange Punch (Dodona egeon egeon Westwood, 1851)

HIMALAYAN ORANGE PUNCH,(Dodona egeon egeon Westwood, 1851) FROM MICKKHOLA,NAMCHI,SIKKIM DATED 28/07/2012 by  Sanjyog Rai


Western courtier (Sephisa dichroa)

Western courtier (Sephisa dichroa) UP & UN : Clicked on a heap of cow-dung in Sept 2006 during trek to Milam Glacier, Eastern Kumaon by Rahul Natu



Sahyadri Cruiser (Vindula erota saloma) by Hemant Ogale

Sexual dimorphism in Sahyadri Cruiser by Hemant Ogale


Narrow-banded Satyr (Aulocera brahminus) by Parimala VR

Narrow-banded Satyr (Aulocera brahminus) by Parimala VR at  Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh – August 2011

Identified by Nikhil Bhopale.


Sahyadri Birdwing (Troides minos) Female by Hemant

Troides minos – Sahyadri Birdwing_Female_Amboli by Hemant Ogale